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Blacklisted by APEWS?

If you are reading this you've probably found yourself being blacklisted by APEWS.

APEWS is listing networks

APEWS is listing networks from which spam or other abuse was originating.

if any of these are true:

then your listing is correct, your listing is not false-positive and this is not a mistake. And it is you and your company who is at fault (not dealing with the spammers is a fault). You made a mess, you should clean your poo. It does no matter if the listing was created 5 years ago. It means somebody 5 years ago fucked up the case and you are paying for that mistake now. The rest of the Internet was forced to live with that mistake for 5 years. And you are living with this problem for how much? 5 hours?

what to do if you are blacklisted by APEWS

That would be all. Thank you.

What to do if your email was blocked

Find the cause - why your IP was blacklisted or why your email was blocked

Find the solution

by stopping all spam and abuse outgoing of your networks

Useful links:
an example of removal request on wrong forum (spamcop is not apews):

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