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My antispam filters

If you see this message you probably wanted to send an email to one of the mailboxes on this server and got bounced with the message like: 550 Service unavailable; * [your.ip] blocked, see http://recipient_domain/spam/

It means that the postmaster (me) decided to block your mailserver using various things like:

  1. my very own blacklists of IPs (, revPTRs (*.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl) and domain names (*@cpi.com.pl)
  2. DNSBLs (dul.dnsbl.sorbs.net, sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org)
  3. SPF (sender policy framework)
  4. HELO/EHLO checks (your server sends initial greeting called EHLO which, according to the RFC, must be Fully Qualified Domain Name - must resolve to an IP)
  5. Greylisting

Why you were blacklisted? Because:

  1. you sent spam knowingly.
  2. you didn't want to sent spam, but at the end - you did.
  3. your mailserver / computer was hacked or infested with virues.
  4. your mailserver / computer was used by third party that sent spam.
  5. in your network neighbourhood there are spammers of infested mailservers / computers.
  6. you inherited IP or mailserver / computer that was sending spam.
  7. your mailserver is incorrectly configured.
  8. your ISP incorrectly configured something.

In summary: I've received spam from you, your computer or your network neighbourhood. I don't want to receive that spam anymore. Please note that I don't care about you, your infested computer, your spamming network neighbourhood. I don't care what happened in the past nor I don't care about importance of your email that got stuck in my filters. I am not responsible for correct configuration of your mailserver or network. I don't care about your lawyers. There is always alternate way to communicate with your recipients: phone, fax, other email, snail mail, pigeons or well targeted cruise missiles - I don't care which one you choose unless you send spam again. Please also note that you already have a bad reputation - do not make things worse. Only the owner of the mailbox (your recipient, not you) is able to request whitelisting of your mailserver IP and/or removing your address/domain from my blacklists.

If you do not own the listed network, mailserver - the first thing you should do is to contact technical support. They will contact me using technical language and they will translate my response back to you in your not-so-technical language.

Please do not:

Please do:

Moje filtry antyspamowe

Jeżeli widzisz tą stronę to oznacza, że próbowałeś/aś wysłać emaila do jednej ze skrzynek utrzymywanych na tym serwerze i odbiło go z komunikatem typu: 550 Service unavailable; * [your.ip] blocked, see http://recipient_domain/spam/

To oznacza, że administrator tego serwera (ja) używa filtrów antyspamowych zawierających takie rzeczy jak:

  1. moje własne czarne listy adresów IP (, domen odwrotnych (revPTR *.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl) adresów email (vika@seminar.com.ua) i domen nadawców (*@cpi.com.pl)
  2. DNSBLe (dul.dnsbl.sorbs.net,  sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org)
  3. SPF (sender policy framework)
  4. testy HELO/EHLO (twój serwer przedstawia się swoją nazwą, która według RFC musi być rozwiązywana na adres IP - Fully Qualified Domain name)
  5. Greylisting 

W takim przypadku proszę skontaktuj się z właścicielem skrzynki inną drogą (z innego konta/serwera, telefonicznie, listownie itp.). Tylko i wyłącznie właściciel  mailboxa może mnie poprosić o whitelistowanie danego adresu IP lub usunięcia adresu email/domeny z moich czarnych list.

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